Financial Transparency Statement

The reality of the educational system in the United States – and the burdens on its teachers – is now more present in everyone’s awareness. At Gray Wolf Montessori, we too do this out of a deep passion, joy and commitment for the work, and the children and families that we serve. We also know that the virtue of educators does not minimize their need for financial security; these are separate and must be unlinked. Typically, schools benchmark salaries based on other schools… who are also drastically underpaying their staff. It is a self-perpetuating cycle that, ultimately and despite educators’ best efforts, negatively impacts the students. The culture of education makes talking about money in this way feel taboo but Gray Wolf Montessori is committed to full transparency, which means honesty. Our salaries, and therefore tuition rates, are based on the cost of living in Longmont, CO, as it would be for most other highly-skilled professions. This allows us to budget for the growth and security of Gray Wolf Montessori as we move to a 501(c)(3), without any sacrifices to the quality of Montessori education and services that we are committed to providing for our community. Further, it allows us to stay true to our vision of providing staff – current and future – with the resources to build a slow, regulated life. Montessori adults who are truly cared for in this way will, in turn, create a rich and serene social-emotional environment where the childrens’ central nervous systems can be supported so they may learn optimally and genuinely thrive.

Thank you for your support in changing the system.