Irene Kirschenbaum

My decision to pursue a career as a Montessori educator was, in many ways, a lifetime in the making. I have always been driven to find a truly meaningful career, one that simultaneously facilitates my professional development and fosters my personal growth. I have found Montessori to be incredibly meaningful — as a Montessori student in a 3-6 Primary class almost 35 years ago, and now as a Montessori guide. There are many reasons why I choose Montessori. I am continually awed by how effectively the prepared Montessori environment facilitates exploration, autonomy and enthusiasm through a deep respect for the learner and the learning process. Moreover, while a Montessori education provides this unique and unparalleled academic foundation, it also fosters social-emotional intelligence and promotes the inner life and wealth of each child through daily interactions, guidance, modeling and reflection. It is this holistic approach that allows me to provide a truly diversified, nurturing and genuine experience to each child and family from my classroom community. My passion for the Montessori philosophy stems from my belief that an effective education leads to a more meaningful and engaged life; this is the core of my teaching philosophy. I am committed to being an educator who facilitates each child’s full development, joy and peacefulness.

I earned my Montessori Early Childhood Education Credential from the Montessori Education Center of the Rockies in Boulder, Colorado in the class of 2010-2011. In addition to my Montessori credential, I also have a Bachelor of Arts English degree — a Creative Writing major and Spanish minor — from The Ohio State University.

I am originally from Cleveland, Ohio, and spent three years in Boulder, Colorado, before moving to Austin in 2013. I returned to Colorado in July 2022, and am thrilled and grateful to be back. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy anything that pertains to the creative arts — theatre, dance, music, etc. I also really enjoy reading, hiking and traveling. I am a proud mom to my sweet cat, Benny, who has traveled with me from Ohio to Colorado to Texas, and now back to Colorado.

Gray Wolf Montessori has been a dream over 10 years in the making. I am thrilled to be opening an authentic, community-oriented and community-building Montessori school in partnership with Jeremy.